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Become a Retail Partner

We give you the best margins in the industry!

If our partners can’t operate then we can’t operate.  We are committed to helping our retail partners sell more products and keep satisfied customers!


We offer the best margins to our retail partners to insure a great and successful relationship!

Marketing and added value

We believe in investing in our brand image through incredibly unique and effective marketing campaigns and added value options.

Rest assured that as a retail partner, your store will be placed into our regional target marketing efforts.  Your address will be put into our campaign and we will run ads to customers within a 25 mile radius, directing customers to your store.  This is free advertising for your store and gets our products in front of more consumers!

Easy invoicing and Net 7!

Take advantage of our easy digital invoicing system.  All orders are invoiced with a Net 7 option so you never have to worry about paying up front!

Discounts available if you pay early!

Sell more with our free product display

Lets add some value to your store!  We designed these custom cedar stained product displays to be the perfect size for growing supply stores.

Place as a stand alone for unparalleled visibility or place it as an end cap on a standard product rack!  This display will look great in your store and the best part is, it’s FREE!

Want more?  We will send you in store posters, outdoor banners, information trifolds, and lots of other in store marketing material for free!

Product Guarantee

We guarantee customers are satisfied with the product or their money back!

Fast Delivery

All orders are shipped out within 24 hours Monday-Friday

Personal Service

Get personal service from our account reps!

Call us today to setup a retail account!