#1 Insects and Other Live Things in Your Weed

Like any other plant, weed can be infested with mold, bugs, spider mites and other insects. If you buy weed that has such organisms, then beware that that’s the poorest quality of cannabis you are buying. Whenever you are out there, or you have just received your weed, make sure you check it thoroughly. You won’t be surprised to get that sometimes it has insects. Besides that, find out if the grower used any method to control infestation by pests. Unless you are comfortable smoking these live things, then always ensure that the weed you buy is the best and of impeccable quality. High-quality marijuana offers you all the benefits and healing properties you want.

#2 Stash Condition

#3 The Appearance of Your Weed

How does the weed itself appear? Moreover, can you just look at your pot and tell whether the appearance is okay? If you want to get the best quality of weed, then look up close. Trichomes otherwise known as little hairs are the things you need to check. Therefore, check it plus the general appearance of the cannabis. If it’s brown or looks like a bug of leftovers, then do not buy or use it. That’s not good quality weed. High-quality weed should be green with some touches of orange. If you want the best at all times, then always insist on getting the green one. That’s the best one. Whether you are buying online or physically, never hurry to check its appearance.

#4 The Smell of Your Cannabis

Did you know that the smell of marijuana is also something you can use to determine the quality of your weed? It gives you some great ideas of the stuff you are about to buy or smoke. Good and high-quality cannabis should have a heavy skunky smell. Anything else that’s not close to that smell is not what you should buy or use. It’s just low-quality weed that a patient like you should avoid for all the cool reasons. Smell is very vital and helps determine many things and not only the quality. If the weed smells like dirt, then just wait to have a headache. Weed should have a strong smell that’s an indication of good flavor. So never rush to open and use your pot before checking its smell.

#5 Knowledgeable and Reliable Sources

Make it a personal choice and a rule to buy your weed from knowledgeable and reliable sources. At this time when medical and recreational weed is legal, many sellers and delivery teams are present now in the industry. However, not all these are the best places you should run to and buy your weed. Take the time to do your search and homework well. Seek advice from friends and family members. Furthermore, make use of the internet. With that, you’ll find the best sources. Such sources are a little bit hard to find, but with the right information, you’ll get them.

Don’t waste that ounce of fire and learn from your mistakes. These genius hacks can help you with the quality of your weed without any hassle. You can only enjoy the healing power of weed if you get high-quality cannabis. Good medical cannabis is available, and you can get it from the right sources. It’s just matter of having information and mastery of what you are looking for in the marijuana industry. If you are not sure, seek advice. Hurrying or doing little to determine weed quality can only lead to serious regrets later. Don’t regret what you can avoid. Check the quality of your weed.